Granite Shoals Mayor Election to be Held May 6, 2017

Granite Shoals is electing a new Mayor and three new Council Members on May 6, 2017.


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Granite Shoals Code Enforcement Allows Discrimination and Retaliation


One of the reasons I am running for Mayor of Granite Shoals is because of the complicated, legalistic, and over reaching City Code. During the past year as Citizens' Advocate, more than any other issue except for better roads, I keep hearing complaints and requests for help regarding our complicated City Code. The Codes high fees and fines along with nit picking detail have driven numerous homeowners to give up and sell their property. I received complaint after complaint about how the code is enforced and the behavior of one particular code enforcement officer. When I passed this information to both City Management and City Council, it was marginalized, minimized and ignored. As your Mayor I will lead an effort to simplify the code, reduce fees and fines, and institute a fair system of code enforcement that is not based on "anonymous" reporting which has allegedly become the tool of oppression, discrimination and retaliation in Granite Shoals. Vote S.T.E.E.N.B.E.R.G.E.N. for a Better Granite Shoals! Please Like and Share to help my campaign - Mike Steenbergen

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Steenbergen Campaign Releases Candidate Issues Page

issuespage2.jpgList of Major Issues in Granite Shoals Texas

"These are the issues I will elaborate on during the campaign."  Published by Michael Steenbergen on  February 10, 2017

Streets and Paving Roads

  1. 7 Million Dollar Road Project
  2. Side Streets

Water lines and Water Supply

  1. Failing infrastructure
  2. Expansion
  3. Testing
  4. Sources and water rights
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Steenbergen Running for Mayor of Granite Shoals

steenbergenformayor2017.jpgMichael Steenbergen of Granite Shoals Texas officially announces his intention to run for Mayor in the City General Election to be held on May 6, 2017. The people of Granite Shoals are ready to take back control of our City so we can finally put paving the side streets and proper road maintenance back on the agenda!

"I want to help bring a new community spirit to Granite Shoals - a spirit of interest, concern and involvement.  Join me and let's make Granite Shoals the best of the Texas Hill Country!" 

Michael Steenbergen, February 7, 2017

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How to Overturn an Ordinance in Granite Shoals Texas

citizensadvisorygroup.jpgCITY OF GRANITE SHOALS TEXAS
  • Section 6.01. - Scope of Recall.
  • Any elected City official, whether elected to office by qualified voters or appointed by the City Council to fill a vacancy, shall be subject to recall and removal from office by the qualified voters of the City on grounds of incompetency, misconduct or malfeasance in office.
  • Section 6.02. - Petitions for Recall.
  • Before the question of recall of such officer shall be submitted to the qualified voters of the City, a petition demanding such question to be so submitted shall first be filed with the person performing the duties of City Secretary, which said petition must contain the number of valid signatures totaling at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the number of votes cast at the last general City election. The petitions, signatures, and verifications shall be governed by the requirements of the Texas Election Code.
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Granite Shoals Citizens Advisory Group Forms

steenbergen-citizens01.jpgTuesday night, amidst a table full of appetizers, ribs, corn, beans and shortcake, citizens in Granite Shoals formed a community organization to allow the citizens more voice in local government. Pictured left to right are John Utley, Linda Utley, Lacy Mortenson Jr, and Michael Steenbergen. The Granite Shoals Citizens Advisory Group [Citizens Advisory Group] selected a mission statement and acronym for the group. Election of officers, composition of membership, dues, bank account and critical community issues were discussed.

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"We the people...of Granite Shoals Texas" Petition Drive Instructions


Deer Feeding Ban to Face Voters' Petition, Board of Adjustments Appointment for Citizens' Advocate

Steenbergen Moves Political Actions from Council Room, Directly Engages Voters through Petition Drive


Download and Print Two Separate Petitions - You May Circulate One or Both (Please do both!)

  1. Deer Feeding Ban Referendum
  2. Board of Adjustments Appointment
  3. If unable call 512-234-5348
  4. Hard copies can be delivered

Download and Print Circulator Affidavit

  1. If unable call 512-234-5348
  2. Hard copies can be delivered
  3. One Certification for Each Petition
  4. Attach to Completed Petition Pages
  5. Completed Petition Pages Need not be Full - anywhere from 1 to 8 signatures
  6. Petition Page Completion Requires:
  7. A. Noting Number of Pages of Signatures at bottom
  8. B. Print and Sign Circulator Name - Please write in completion date as there is no blank
  9. Circulator Affidavit Must be:
  10. A. Completed in Full
  11. B. Notarized [free at City Hall]
  12. C. Submitted to Michael Steenbergen for Presentation to City Secretary

Download and Print Voter Registration Forms

  1. Hand Out Forms As Applicable
  2. Registering Voter Fills in Application
  3. Mails to address at top of form
  4. If unable call 512-234-5348
  5. Hard copies can be delivered

Gather Signatures and Pass Out Voter Registration Forms

  1. All information must be completed  and correct
  2. ONLY Registered Voters Should Sign Petitions
  3. Spell name like on drivers license (do not need to view)
  4. Only signature needs to be in voters handwriting
  5. Circulator may fill in all other blanks
  6. Voter ID number or date of birth, one or the other is required

 Call Michael Steenbergen at 512-234-5348 when your petition pages are complete and notarized.  I will arrange to meet you.  Leave a voice mail and I will be paged by email.

 You may also call with any questions or for copies of petitions and affidavits.   Thank you for participating in Government by the People

Michael Steenbergen, Secretary

Granite Shoals Citizen’s Advisory Group


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Granite Shoals Citizens Silenced by City Government

graniteshoalssilenced.jpgGranite Shoals Citizens Silenced by City Government
On June 6, 2016 Michael Steenbergen submitted 28 pages of emails generated by citizens' comments and complaints about the government in Granite Shoals Texas to the Streets and Water Advisory Group, an official city committee. He was told by Chairmen Hardy his information would be better served if he delivered it to the regular City Council and not a committee. On June 14th Steenbergen did exactly that and handed a copy of the documents to the city council in full session with legal quorum.
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