Steenbergen Campaign Releases Candidate Issues Page

issuespage2.jpgList of Major Issues in Granite Shoals Texas

"These are the issues I will elaborate on during the campaign."  Published by Michael Steenbergen on  February 10, 2017

Streets and Paving Roads

  1. 7 Million Dollar Road Project
  2. Side Streets

Water lines and Water Supply

  1. Failing infrastructure
  2. Expansion
  3. Testing
  4. Sources and water rights

Drainage and Sewage

  1. In conjunction with street work
  2. Must eventually bear cost of sewer

Code and Code Enforcement

  1. Legalistic and over reaching
  2. Based off "anonymous" complaints allows bullying and discrimination

Deer Population

  1. Feeding ban unnecessary
  2. Acceptable population for semi rural community by lake
  3. Look to co-op deer fencing for East side of City


  1. No selling of park lands
  2. Provide proper upkeep and maintenance


  1. Flight enthusiasts
  2. Emergency preparedness
  3. Drone Air freight

Energy Supply

  1. City Hall Electric Consumption
  2. PEC the Electric Provider and Buy back Solar Program
  3. 5 Acre 1 Megawatt Solar Farm Costs 3 million
  4. USDA Loan and Debt Service Capability of Project

Citizen Respect