"We the people...of Granite Shoals Texas" Petition Drive Instructions


Deer Feeding Ban to Face Voters' Petition, Board of Adjustments Appointment for Citizens' Advocate

Steenbergen Moves Political Actions from Council Room, Directly Engages Voters through Petition Drive


Download and Print Two Separate Petitions - You May Circulate One or Both (Please do both!)

  1. Deer Feeding Ban Referendum
  2. Board of Adjustments Appointment
  3. If unable call 512-234-5348
  4. Hard copies can be delivered

Download and Print Circulator Affidavit

  1. If unable call 512-234-5348
  2. Hard copies can be delivered
  3. One Certification for Each Petition
  4. Attach to Completed Petition Pages
  5. Completed Petition Pages Need not be Full - anywhere from 1 to 8 signatures
  6. Petition Page Completion Requires:
  7. A. Noting Number of Pages of Signatures at bottom
  8. B. Print and Sign Circulator Name - Please write in completion date as there is no blank
  9. Circulator Affidavit Must be:
  10. A. Completed in Full
  11. B. Notarized [free at City Hall]
  12. C. Submitted to Michael Steenbergen for Presentation to City Secretary

Download and Print Voter Registration Forms

  1. Hand Out Forms As Applicable
  2. Registering Voter Fills in Application
  3. Mails to address at top of form
  4. If unable call 512-234-5348
  5. Hard copies can be delivered

Gather Signatures and Pass Out Voter Registration Forms

  1. All information must be completed  and correct
  2. ONLY Registered Voters Should Sign Petitions
  3. Spell name like on drivers license (do not need to view)
  4. Only signature needs to be in voters handwriting
  5. Circulator may fill in all other blanks
  6. Voter ID number or date of birth, one or the other is required

 Call Michael Steenbergen at 512-234-5348 when your petition pages are complete and notarized.  I will arrange to meet you.  Leave a voice mail and I will be paged by email.

 You may also call with any questions or for copies of petitions and affidavits.   Thank you for participating in Government by the People

Michael Steenbergen, Secretary

Granite Shoals Citizen’s Advisory Group