Granite Shoals Citizens Advisory Group Forms

steenbergen-citizens01.jpgTuesday night, amidst a table full of appetizers, ribs, corn, beans and shortcake, citizens in Granite Shoals formed a community organization to allow the citizens more voice in local government. Pictured left to right are John Utley, Linda Utley, Lacy Mortenson Jr, and Michael Steenbergen. The Granite Shoals Citizens Advisory Group [Citizens Advisory Group] selected a mission statement and acronym for the group. Election of officers, composition of membership, dues, bank account and critical community issues were discussed.

The group held off on further organizational activity but did select voter registration, citizen petitions, the street bond project and the deer feeding ban as the first issues be addressed by GSCAG. Here is the mission statement that was adopted: "The mission of the Granite Shoals Citizens' Advisory Group is to increase citizen participation in local government through awareness, education, and engagement."

Michael Steenbergen acted as Secretary and led the meeting. Here was the prepared agenda.
Granite Shoals Citizens’ Advisory Group
Organizational Meeting July 5, 2016
904 Hummingbird Lane, Granite Shoals TX 78654

Lacy Mortenson, Jr.
Linda Utley
John Utley
Michael Steenbergen


1. Appoint Secretary to Keep Records and Conduct Business
2. Formal structure or loose group? How many officers? Minimum of Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer
3. Decide if group wants to organize now or at next meeting? Adopt Robert’s Rules of Order?
4. Does group want a charter and bank account now or in future?
5. Develop Statement of Purpose – what is the group going to do?
6. Current Issues
a. Deer Ordinance
i. Reduction
ii. Feeding
b. Street Project
c. Drainage and Flooding
d. Citizen Input Consistently Ignored
7. Petitions and Initiative, Recall and Referendum
a. Petition that there is “No confidence in City Government, Manager and Council” – could have been a recall is the message to be sent
b. Referendum on Deer Feeding Ban – current surveys showing 70 to 90 percent of citizens oppose ban
c. Petition to Appoint Michael Steenbergen to the Granite Shoals Board of Adjustment
There will be a second organizational meeting to take further action on the items discussed in this agenda.

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