Granite Shoals Citizens Silenced by City Government

graniteshoalssilenced.jpgGranite Shoals Citizens Silenced by City Government
On June 6, 2016 Michael Steenbergen submitted 28 pages of emails generated by citizens' comments and complaints about the government in Granite Shoals Texas to the Streets and Water Advisory Group, an official city committee. He was told by Chairmen Hardy his information would be better served if he delivered it to the regular City Council and not a committee. On June 14th Steenbergen did exactly that and handed a copy of the documents to the city council in full session with legal quorum.

On June 28th, Council member Anita Hisey asked to see these documents as they had not been made available to her and were not part of the official record. The city representative answered they would be available in the minutes of the Streets and Water advisory Group Meeting whenever those minutes became available to the public. Council member Hisey was told she could read them there. The documents, after being in possession of the city administration since June 6th, were still not offered to the council member. Twenty two days and the council members in whole had still not been given the citizens complaints. Please attend the City Council meeting July 12, 2016 at 5:45 pm at City Hall 2221 N. Phillips Ranch Road in Granite Shoals Texas. Please like and share this post if you believe in free speech. Michael Steenbergen, Citizens' Advocate for Streets