Granite Shoals Code Enforcement Allows Discrimination and Retaliation


One of the reasons I am running for Mayor of Granite Shoals is because of the complicated, legalistic, and over reaching City Code. During the past year as Citizens' Advocate, more than any other issue except for better roads, I keep hearing complaints and requests for help regarding our complicated City Code. The Codes high fees and fines along with nit picking detail have driven numerous homeowners to give up and sell their property. I received complaint after complaint about how the code is enforced and the behavior of one particular code enforcement officer. When I passed this information to both City Management and City Council, it was marginalized, minimized and ignored. As your Mayor I will lead an effort to simplify the code, reduce fees and fines, and institute a fair system of code enforcement that is not based on "anonymous" reporting which has allegedly become the tool of oppression, discrimination and retaliation in Granite Shoals. Vote S.T.E.E.N.B.E.R.G.E.N. for a Better Granite Shoals! Please Like and Share to help my campaign - Mike Steenbergen