Granite Shoals Mayor, Council and City Manager Pursue Non Existent Grant for a Year

graniteshoalscitycouncil2017.jpgGranite Shoals Council, Manager Pursue Non Existent $3 Million Grant:  Citizens and voters in Granite Shoals Texas were shocked last night with the abrupt announcement that there never has been a $3 Million program available for application at the USDA. Claiming that this was an "in house" grant they had been working on for a year, apparently there was never even a grant writer involved and for a year no one ever bothered to ask and confirm how much money was available. But the Council and Manager both went to the people claiming the money was available and got the citizens to pass a 3 million dollar matching (supposedly) bond in November. The $6.8 million dollar road project just crashed. There is no longer enough money to do three main roads in Granite Shoals. Michael Steenbergen commented "As a candidate for Mayor of our Granite Shoals I am obligated to ask is this just incompetence or was it deception? The USDA program offers $50,000 and not $3.5 million dollars. That is an awfully large difference and reflects on the adequacy of our current city management and governing in this city The Mayor and Council claimed ignorance and that they were mislead...something that has a familiar ring in my ears (sewer fiasco)."