Mike Steenbergen Details Position on Major Issues in Granite Shoals Texas


Over the next few days I will post my positions on issues facing Granite Shoals Texas. I will discuss the main roads, side streets, water lines, sewer system proposals, City revenue generating, solar energy, citizen respect, flooding, drainage, parks, City code, code enforcement, and project funding sources. Today however, I will begin by explaining the Office of Mayor in a Council-Manager form of local government like we have in Granite Shoals, Texas.

Mayors in council-manager communities are key political leaders and policy developers. In the case of the council, the mayor is responsible for soliciting citizen views in forming these policies and interpreting them to the public.

The mayor presides at council meetings, serves as a spokesperson for the community, facilitates communication and understanding between elected and appointed officials, assists the council in setting goals and advocating policy decisions, and serves as a promoter and defender of the community. In addition, the mayor serves as a key representative in intergovernmental relations.

The mayor, council, and manager constitute a policy-development and management team.

I promise to fulfill all these responsibilities to the best of my ability. - Mike Steenbergen