Steenbergen Emphasizes Granite Shoals Parks, the Lake, Roads and Sales Tax

Steenbergen: The Voice of the People
Saturday May 7th, Election
Michael Steenbergen for Granite Shoals City Council, Place Six
Candidate’s Statement: April 29, 2016 (Newspaper release date)

I want to provide a counterpoint, a fresh look at the issues, a new perspective. With decisions like increasing taxes, selling Lakeview park and closing the airport possible, it is critical to have a variety of opinions represented on the Granite Shoals City Council. With $10.5 million in long term debt, before we take on $5 million more debt for road improvements we need to look at the entire financial situation that has developed over 10 years. We need to retire the large debt from purchasing and remodeling City Hall. While a source of pride, the community has sacrificed significantly for this luxury. We must balance the sensibilities and reality of maintaining a “country club” image when the majority of residents are regular, working citizens that struggle to pay bills each month and do not need a “Taj Mahal City Hall”. There are suggestions to sell Lakeview Park and close the airport that I strongly oppose. On the ballot is a confusing set of tax propositions 1 and 2 that are a tax increase that I oppose in it’s current form. Bring common sense back to Granite Shoals, and get the emphasis off owning the fanciest City Hall in the Hill Country and back on the lake, parks and roads where it should be and should have been for the past decade. I need your vote, Saturday, May 7th!