The Charge of the Road Brigade (Granite Shoals Texas)


It was just 8 months ago that the citizens banded together in The Road Brigade to protest the narrow sited planning for the current arterial road bond project. Granite Shoals City Manager Ken Nickel had focused his road plans on Phillips Ranch Road and around his Taj Mahal City Hall. He had neglected critical infrastructure and drainage requirements and was rushing the project forward without proper planning and consideration. The citizen input forced Nickel to add emphasis on Prairie Creek and Valley View also and forced consideration of drainage and water line issues. Candidate for Mayor Michael Steenbergen has once again raised the battle cry as plans to allocate the bond money will be considered this Monday [see below]. Please, all citizens that care about the $3 million we just gave Ken Nickel need to show up to be custodians of the public interest. Join me Monday!

Granite Shoals Texas Road Bonds
Special Called City Council Meeting
Monday February 20th at 5:45 PM at City Hall
2221 N Phillips Ranch Rd